Monday, November 28, 2011

Christmas Tree!

Our family has a Christmas Tree tradition. On the Saturday following Thanksgiving, we always trek out to the local tree farm, have the usual discussion over "pros and cons" of trees, finally decide on one, the kids carry it back, we pay for it/get hot chocolate/apple cider, and we go home. End of story, right?

Well, this year we were a bit tightly pressed for time, so the expedition was postponed for Sunday. Long story short, Sunday was quite rainy, so we again postponed it for today. However, this just served to make it more special, at least for me. Ben came home from school and Dad worked from home so that our whole family could still make it.
      ~ Looking for the tree ~
                 ~ Cutting down the tree is a difficult business, no? ~
         ~ Gracie's ideal Christmas Tree ~
                 ~ My awesome dad ~
               ~ The traditional "kids-carrying-the-tree" ~

So....we kinda got a big tree this year. Okay, not kinda, we really got a big tree this year. It didn't fit in our van. So, here is Madeline (looking way too cute) being worried about the tree falling out. Don't worry - we got it home safe and sound.

And so begins a wonderful time of year!! When, through all the bustle and busyness, we celebrate the amazing time, when God the Son took on the form of a baby, and came to save a world of sinners. 
What a time to celebrate!


Keri On said...

Fun times!

Ruthie H. said...

Emily, great photos! I miss hunting for a Christmas tree and the great smell once it is in the house. I hope you have a blessed Christmas season! BTW, your blog is beautiful - love the design! :)